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Wood Buffalo reminds people to keep a safe distance from temporary flood mitigation measures

PHOTO. Fort McMurray after the 2013 floods. MYMCMURRAY. Melanie Walsh. Melanie Walsh

FORT MCMURRAY – As part of the regular monitoring and inspection process of the municipality’s flood mitigation programs on Wednesday, two of the Triple Dams in Longboat Landing were compromised.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) said this event will not impact the flood mitigation and preparedness for Longboat Landing or other areas but is a reminder to always keep a safe distance from temporary flood barriers.

Current situation
The Triple Dams were compromised and investigation into the cause is ongoing. The Municipality will work with the manufacturer, contractor, staff and the design team to understand the cause, and to ensure that this does not occur in other areas. The investigation is a collaborative effort between the Municipality and other parties involved.

Next steps
Flood mitigation work continues through a variety of approaches and strategies. To account for the loss of these barriers, local contractors have been engaged to install additional temporary clay berms where needed. The Triple Dams that were compromised will be returned to the manufacturer for analysis.

The Triple Dams will be inspected for potential defects. These inspections are a regular measure when installing temporary flood barriers. As flood mitigation strategies are implemented, these inspections will continue. Should a barrier be damaged, contingency plans are in place.

Early installations
The flood barriers were installed early to account for potential delays in the installation process. There is still ample time to get everything installed prior to river breakup. All preparedness plans have backup plans should they be needed. To accommodate these early installations, several roads and sidewalks have been closed.

Road closures
To prepare for river breakup, and to successfully install all flood mitigation measures, road and sidewalk closures are necessary. Road closures, including Clearwater Drive, were put in place to keep residents and business owners safe. The closures help everyone stay a safe distance from temporary mitigation measures and the river during the breakup event.
Please allow our crews room to work safely, and take precautions when traveling near waterfront areas.
Access to businesses is maintained throughout river breakup preparedness.