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Fort McMurray trio to walk 100K steps in support of local mental health initiatives

Three friends from Fort McMurray will be walking 100,000 steps in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association - Wood Buffalo.

FORT MCMURRAY (660 NEWS) – Three friends from Fort McMurray are planning to walk 100,000 steps for a good cause next month.

Daniel Keys, his twin brother Nicholas, and their lifelong friend Lyndsey Janes are taking on the daunting task for the second time.

Last year they did it just to challenge themselves and it was no easy task, even for determined and competitive athletes like the three friends.

It took the trio about 18 hours to hit the 100,000 mark after walking approximately 80 kilometres throughout Fort McMurray.

This year they’ve decided to do it all again, and raise money at the same time for the Canadian Mental Health Association – Wood Buffalo.

“We debated between a bunch of different charities,” said Keys. “Ultimately came to the conclusion that given Fort McMurray and all the hardships its suffered that mental health might be a good one to fundraise, specifically for our region.”

Initially the group had a target of raising $1,000, but since they’ve already almost hit that well ahead of the July 10 walk date, they’ve decided to triple that goal.

Keys said they’ve also challenged others to show support by walking 10,000 steps that day and post videos on their Facebook page.

Walking 100,000 steps takes a lot of discipline and determination, said Keys, but they are happy to face the challenge head-on once again.

“I’m sure it will be easier this year because we have a lot more support and it’s for a great cause.”

Donations can be made HERE.