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Shandro defends UCP handling of healthcare shortages, pandemic

Last Updated Jul 20, 2021 at 11:16 am MDT

Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro uses hand sanitizer ahead of a press conference in Calgary on Monday, August 24. 2020.

EDMONTON – Health Minister Tyler Shandro is going to bat for his government.

When faced with criticism from the NDP over Alberta’s continuing healthcare shortages, Shandro stood firm and accused the opposition of deceptive behaviour.

“I understand the NDP are going to—as they’ve done in the last year and a half—hyperpoliticize issues, and quite frankly lie,” Shandro said at a press conference in Grande Prairie on Monday.


“About our response to the pandemic, and about what is actually happening in the province.”

NDP Leader Rachel Notley meanwhile says the shortages amount to a crisis, and the UCP needs to come up with a plan now to fix it.

Shandro says the NDP is exaggerating the severity of the shortages.

“That’s their track record,” Shandro said.

“It’s not like the NDP are batting below 500, they’re batting zero on all of these continued lies. But that’s their job I suppose.”


Notley says the first step to fixing the healthcare shortages is to give up on asking nurses to take a three per cent pay cut.

She also accused the UCP of mishandling much of the pandemic.

“The NDP want to attack the doctors and nurses who are in senior leadership positions at AHS, and on the executive leadership team, I suppose that’s up to them to attack those amazing professionals who have done the right thing and made the right decisions about the pandemic and continue to do so.”