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Be aware of fire restrictions, bans in Alberta this long weekend: wildfire officer

Last Updated Jul 30, 2021 at 9:31 am MDT

Most of Alberta is blanketed in some kind of fire ban or restriction as the province faces an extreme wildfire risk. This map shows advisories across the province on July 30, 2021. (CREDIT: Map taken from Alberta Fire Bans)

CALGARY – The wildfire threat is high in Alberta right now and the hot dry weekend ahead could lead to some problems.

Most of the province is under some kind of campfire restriction.

Josee St-Onge, a provincial information officer, is asking you to check what restrictions are in place before heading out for the long weekend.

“You can still have a wood campfire on in the campground and or on designated private lands, but they’re no longer allowed for random camping,” she told 660 NEWS earlier this week.


“We want to enjoy the beautiful weather but those hot and dry conditions also come with an elevated fire risk. So that’s something that everyone has to keep in mind as we head into the long weekend here.”

St-Onge mentions there are alternatives to wood-burning campfires if you want to help mitigate the wildfire risk.

“[People] should be planning for an alternate way of warming themselves or for preparing the food such as maybe looking into something that is propane powered instead.”

So far, we have avoided much of the problems B.C. is facing right now because of wildfires, but that could change.

In places like Banff, evacuation guides are being handed out, though there is not an active fire in the area right now.