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Alberta RCMP out with OHV safety warning

An Alberta RCMP cruiser. (PHOTO: Tom Ross, 660 NEWS)

Mounties in Alberta are reminding those who use off-highway vehicles (OHV) to make sure they’re doing so safely.

Alberta RCMP are also reminding you that OHVs are subject to traffic laws.

According to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, OHVs include any motorized transportation made for cross-country travel on natural terrain, including four-wheel drive vehicles, low pressure tire vehicles, motorcycles and related two-wheel vehicles, amphibious vehicles, ATVs, utility terrain vehicles, miniature motor vehicles, snow vehicles, and minibikes.

Riders are advised to wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet. Fines for not doing so is about $160.

Mounties say OHVs should also only be used during daylight hours and if you haven’t had any drugs or alcohol.

You should avoid steep or slippery terrain that may be unstable and remain on marked trails.

The RCMP also recommends you stick to areas you’re familiar with.

On average, approximately 19 people are killed while operating OHVs in Alberta every year.