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'It’s just ignorant': Edson residents, doctor react to 'COVID Party'

Last Updated Sep 24, 2021 at 2:09 pm MST

EDMONTON — Edson residents are reacting in anger following a story from Wednesday night – in which several people from the area attended a “Get COVID” party, as a way to achieve natural immunity.

One Edson doctor says he’s seen the devastating effects of COVID first-hand.

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“One hundred per cent of the critically ill patients I’ve seen with COVID have all been unvaccinated and, like I said, we’re just seeing them younger and younger,” said Dr. Everett Zdrill.

Zdrill, who lives in the small town two hours outside of Edmonton, has been on the front lines.

Not only has he been involved in caring for critically ill patients – he’s seen the impact it’s had on others.

“I have a family practice as well, and I’ve seen my own patients fall ill with COVID and have long term effects,” said Zdrill.

When it comes to trying to contract the virus to achieve natural immunity – Zdrill explains it defies all logic – something Alberta’s top doctor also addressed Thursday.


“What is important to know is that anyone contemplating this kind of activity should know, that this consequence is becoming severely ill, and transmitting it onto others who may become ill and die, is an absolutely likely outcome,” said Dr. Deena Hinshaw.

The Mayor of Edson also responding to CityNews’ story on social media – urging all area residents to get vaccinated – saying the Delta variant has hammered the area.

CityNews reached out to Mayor Kevin Zahara — but he declined to comment.

Meanwhile, CityNews did speak to one person who claims he attended a party a couple of weeks ago.

“We were just all going through some stuff and we heard there was a party, so we decided to go. I’d say about 70 to 80 people were there.”

Though his claims couldn’t be verified, CityNews also asked several people in the downtown area about the party.

A few had heard about it but were unwilling to comment or give details on camera.

Meanwhile, other Edson residents say they are furious with the idea of people gathering in an effort to get COVID.

“I cannot afford to be on a ventilator — the disrespect of these people who don’t listen – it’s just ignorant!”

In a statement, Alberta Health Services says that since Sept. 15, six patients from Edson were transferred to other facilities for ICU care – four COVID patients are currently in the Edmonton Hospital – no confirmation on whether those numbers are related to the party.