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Astronaut captures Alberta flight in picture from space

Astronaut Megan McArthur captures a flight across Alberta in a picture from space Credit: Megan McArthur

CALGARY — It’s plane watching taken to all new heights — literally.

On Saturday, Astronaut Megan McArthur was doing what she usually does aboard the International Space Station. Taking pictures from space to share with those on the ground.

While taking a photo, she captured a plane flying across Alberta, much to the delight of McArthur.

It isn’t totally clear where the flight was at the time of the picture or where they may have been headed. But, it’s a sign that provides some comfort to the space traveller living hundreds of kilometres away from earth.

“I guess it was nice to see evidence of other humans moving around Planet Earth,” said McArthur in her tweet.

The SpaceX Crew-2 took off on Apr. 23, 2021 and are due to return home in November.