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Arrival of proof-of-vax app comes with speedbumps

Scanning QR code with digital tablet

EDMONTON – On Tuesday, the government-supported Alberta COVID Records Verifier app was released on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Premier Jason Kenney says the app was created for businesses operating under the Restrictions Exemption Program, to check the vaccination status of customers.

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How it works, is the scanner uses your phone’s camera to scan your QR code, and then it will show your name, your date of birth as well as a green checkmark if your vaccine record is valid.

Health Minister Jason Copping encouraged all Albertans to download their QR codes within the month, which you can access by entering your Alberta Health card number on the government’s website.

“You can download it or take a screenshot of it, and you can also print it if you wish. If you don’t have a phone, you can get a printed version from a local registry agent at no cost,” said Copping.

However, some Albertans are complaining on Twitter that the app is not verifying their vaccination status if they have had three shots.


Alberta Health said in an email to CityNews that they are aware of the issue and it’s only happening with the Apple version of the app, which should be fixed soon.

They also recommend that Albertans use their paper and electronic records of vaccination in the meantime.

Another issue with the app is that many people are saying it doesn’t work when travelling to other provinces.

Alberta Health acknowledges that the QR code may not be scannable outside the province – but it also says the federal government is working on a Canada-wide proof of vaccination that should work nationally and internationally, with a launch date to be announced.

As of Nov. 15, Kenney says the QR code will be the only permitted proof of vaccination in Alberta.