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Hospitalizations continue climb in Alberta as active COVID infections reach new heights

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Alberta nears 60,000 reported active infections

There are now over 700 people in hospital with COVID-19

In one week, active cases of COVID-19 have risen 71 per cent in Alberta

Active cases of COVID-19 continue to climb in Alberta, and while reported cases may be a fraction of true case numbers, they are giving us an idea of where the province stands in its fight against COVID-19.

On Tuesday, the province reported 4,704 new cases of the virus after more than 12,000 tests were completed for a positivity rate of around 38.5 per cent.

Currently, there are nearly 59,000 reported active infections in Alberta. An increase of more than 1,200 cases from Monday.

On Monday, Dr. Deena Hinshaw said it’s believed there are 10 times more cases of COVID-19 in Alberta than what is identified.

By that logic, the province could be sitting at well over 550,000 active cases and counting.

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Hospitalization numbers also shot up over the last day.

There are now 708 people in hospital with the virus — a 73 patient increase from the day prior. Meanwhile, of those in hosptial, 80 are in the ICU.

Alberta Health also reporting eight more people have died with COVID over the last day.

The post-holiday COVID picture

Over the last week in Alberta, the situation surrounding COVID-19 and the Omicron variant has moved fast and in the wrong direction.

After weeks of what felt like much-needed relief, Alberta was hit hard by the new, easily transmissible variant.

In the last week, hospitalizations have risen 62 per cent in the province. Up 272 patients from a week prior. Meanwhile, ICU admissions have also risen 32 per cent, from 61 up to 80.

As for the most severe of outcomes, there have been 30 reported deaths in the same time frame.

The active case picture is also startling and shows just how fast the virus has spread in the last seven days.

In just one week, active infections have risen 71 per cent, up from more than 34,000 cases to nearing 60,000 on Tuesday.