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Alberta gas prices continue to rise, Kenney says more relief could come

A motorist is shown filling up their car at a gas station. THE CANADIAN PRESS

As gas prices continue to rise across the province and Canada, and demand soared with the provincial economy re-opening following the pandemic, Premier Jason Kenney says he’s not ruling out future relief for Albertans.

The province previously removed its 13 cent excise fuel tax at the start of April, giving drivers a bit of a break at the pumps, and now Kenney says the government is looking at further measures.

“It’s less of a problem here but it’s still a problem,” Kenney said. “So if our fiscal and economic situation continues to improve as a province, we are considering stepping up with additional measures early this summer to help people with the cost of living. Late spring, early summer would be our horizon.”

Kenney did not say what form that relief could take.

According to GasBuddy, Calgary’s average gas price for a litre of regular is about $1.70, that’s up from $1.63 recorded on Monday, but it’s still about 20 cents per litre above the national average.

Edmonton’s average prices meanwhile, are even cheaper at $1.66 per litre of regular, up about six cents from Monday.


People at the pumps tell CityNews they are not too pleased about rising fuel prices.

“My pay cheque is mostly gas at this point, because of how much gas is,” one person said.

“Having to pay so much for gas is making me not drive my car,” another person said.

The province has some of the lowest gas prices in the country, but they are still high as the world grapples with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Kenney previously said that the provincial tax removal will stay in effect so long as the price of Western Texas Intermediate stays over $90 USD, and that the government would revisit the program in July.

The daily average retail price for gas across the country hit an all-time high earlier this week.

–With files from Chris Bowen and The Canadian Press