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Alberta has recorded its first case of monkeypox

Last Updated Jun 3, 2022 at 1:39 pm MST

This electron microscopic (EM) image depicted a monkeypox virion, obtained from a clinical sample associated with the 2003 prairie dog outbreak. It was a thin section image from of a human skin sample. On the left were mature, oval-shaped virus particles, and on the right were the crescents, and spherical particles of immature virions. High Resolution: Click here for hi-resolution image (5.21 MB) Content Providers(s): CDC/ Cynthia S. Goldsmith Creation Date: 2003 Photo Credit: Cynthia S. Goldsmith, Russell Regnery

The first recorded case of monkeypox has been confirmed in Alberta

Dr. Deena Hinshaw did not confirm where the case is, but the person had close contact with a known case outside the province.

The individual is currently self-isolating.

Hinshaw took to Twitter to explain monkeypox is a rare disease that can cause fevers, aches & rashes.

Hinshaw notes, that the virus doesn’t spread easily among people. Infections usually occur through contact with sores, items recently contaminated with fluids or sores, and through body fluids.

Hinshaw says while the risk of infection is currently low for the general population, monkeypox can affect anyone in prolonged close contact with an infected person.Ā 

Most of the cases in the country so far are in Quebec which has confirmed 52 cases.

Monkeypox is a rare disease that comes from the same family of viruses that causes smallpox, which the World Health Organization declared eradicated around the globe in 1980.

–With files from Chris Bowen