McMurray Métis welcomes new council members

At their Annual General Meeting, members of the McMurray Métis Local 1935 elected a new council, including Peter Hansen to the role of President for a four-year term.

Elders, youth, community partners, and members of the McMurray Métis gathered for their Annual General Meeting on June 11, 2022.

Hosted at the Royal Canadian Legion, members of the McMurray Métis Local 1935 held elections for the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director.

Don Scott, the newly appointed Executive Director, addressed the membership.


“I look forward to following on the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan and helping to move this organization forward.”

Election results

Peter Hansen has been elected as President.

According to the McMurray Métis, he’ll serve a four-year term.

“In accordance with the bylaws of the Métis Nation of Alberta the role of Vice President will continue to be filled by Kelly Myers until the term is up for election at the next AGM on June 10, 2023.”

This would leave a position of Director vacant, so the Council will appoint a new one at a later date.



In the 2021 AGM, members elected Cheryl Golosky as Director.

She will serve in the role until 2025.

Another membership meeting is scheduled for July 7, 2022, at 5:00 p.m.

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