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Local Métis lawyer files $10-million civil suit against RCMP, MNAA

Fort McMurray Court House. MYMCMURRAY/Phil Wood

Dwayne Roth, the former CEO with the Fort McKay Métis, has filed a $10-million civil suit against several organizations and individuals.

These include the RCMP and Audrey Poitras, President of Métis Nation of Alberta (MNAA).

The suit is in connection to charges of sexual assault made against Roth in 2020, which were later withdrawn in court on June 6, 2022, due to lack of evidence.

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Roth called it a terrible ordeal.

“People treated me as if I was guilty and many people turned their backs on me. I was fired from my job and had to move out of my house in Fort McMurray. I am now living in a trailer court in Lac la Biche.”

Previously working as a corporate and criminal defense lawyer, Roth has said he spent 30 years involved in Métis and First Nations interests and politics.

Roth’s claim alleges malicious prosecution, negligent investigation, defamation, and conspiracy.

“I’ve never seen anything like this.  For the RCMP to lay charges that can destroy a life without conducting a single witness interview is mind-boggling.”

He also alleged individuals within the MNAA conspired to defame and damage him.

“Individuals at the Metis Nation of Alberta, including its President, were deeply involved with the person who made the allegations against Roth, and, it will be argued, provided forged documentation to police. It is no secret that the MNAA and I disagree politically.  But my suit will prove that some of their senior people tried to use sexual assault charges to destroy me.”

Roth said he represented Fort McKay Métis in disputes with the MNAA, including their bid for self-governance.

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“I was very proud to be part of the success in Fort McKay that led to self-government, a land base, recognition of their rights through the credible assertion process and building their companies from relative obscurity to $100M per year. I was caught up in a political dispute with the MNAA and paid a high price. I will not allow these people to use the criminal justice system to destroy people’s lives.”

MyMcMurray has reached out to Audrey Poitras and the MNAA for comment.