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Fort Chipewyan RCMP investigating second fire on church grounds

FILE - An Alberta RCMP cruiser. (Tom Ross, CityNews Photo) 2022/03/P1120608-scaled.jpg 2022/03/P1120608-scaled.jpg 2022/03/P1120608-scaled.jpg

An investigation is underway into a fire on the grounds of the Blessed Virgin Roman Catholic Church in Fort Chipewyan.

On Oct. 30, 2022, at 9:52 p.m., RCMP were notified that rectory residence on the church grounds was on fire.

Emergency crews responded, containing the blaze and preventing it from spreading to nearby buildings.

However, the residence was completely burned.

RCMP said there were no injuries resulting from the fire.

The building was also shuttered and it’s believed no one was inside at the time.

It’s the first fire on the grounds of the Blessed Virgin Church, since the devastating blaze in August that burned the historic church to the ground.

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On Oct. 25, RCMP announced arson charges were laid against two men in connection to that fire.

Anyone with information about the fire at the rectory residence is asked to contact Fort Chipewyan RCMP or their local detachment.