RMWB Transit Master Plan unveiled to Council

While Administration introduced the Transit Master Plan, two elementary students from Greely Road School presented their idea for a new skate park in Gregoire.

Administration has presented its vision for the region’s public transit system to RMWB Council.

The so-called “Transit Master Plan” is a proposal outlining changes, including improvements to accessibility and rural transit, fewer transfers, and timelier arrivals.

If approved, over the next several years, transit will achieve three major components of the Master Plan.



According to the plan, on-demand service would include door-to-door SMART bus service.

The Transit Master Plan is based on recommendations from several community engagement sessions and feedback submissions

There wouldn’t be major changes to school routes.

The Plan will return to Council for further review and approval on Apr. 25, 2023.


Skateboard park

The March 28 council meeting also featured a presentation by two future leaders from Greely Road School.

Jessie Maclean and Connor Andrews said they want a skateboard park in Gregoire, calling it an “awesome” addition to the neighbourhood.

“A lot of kids can’t go downtown to ride their bike, scooter, and skateboard. And our key points are current parks are faraway, transportation can be costly, our parents are busy working, and we can’t drive.”

Mayor and councillors voted to put the matter over for further deliberation.

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