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More Canadians turning to psychics and the metaphysical to offer relief from stress

Crystals. Psychics. Mediums. In a modern-day world built around science and fact, the reports are — more people are turning to the world of the metaphysical.

“This is my calling. I’m a healer,” said Lesley Frank, a medium who reads tea leaves.

Frank sat down with CityNews reporter, Joanne Roberts, and offered her a tea reading.

“I ask for (the) spirit to come in the cup, so it’s kind of like a message is gonna come through from the spirit directly that I’m gonna connect with,” explained Frank.

“This is about your soul’s journey, okay? Over the next three months, your soul’s journey is gonna be revealed to you.”

Frank observed the tea leaves left in the cup, looking at their positions all around the body.

“Um, who sits like this? Do you sit like this?” asked Frank, who put her fingers together in a triangle while sitting at the reading table.

“My partner sits like this,” said Roberts.

“So (there’s a spirit) in your house. She’s sitting like this, so she sits across from him. She’s very much around you. I really think this is great grandma,” said Frank.

“Keep up your prayers because you have so many angels in the cup here, okay, so that you are being heard and she’s helping with that.”

Lesley Frank, a medium who reads tea leaves, says more people are coming to her for healing. (Joanne Roberts, CityNews)

Frank, who travelled with the Galaxy Psychic Fair from her home in Calgary, says in recent years more people are coming to her for readings and healings. Others at the fair, including crystal healers and psychics, told CityNews they were seeing more business from people seeking comfort.

“Those people are seeking us out because they’re getting the direction that they need,” she explained.

Frank says many people are finding daily life difficult and readings can offer some relief. She says now more than ever, many people are in need of healing.

Sisters Debbie Cochrane and Shelley Thomas attended the fair in Winnipeg Thursday. Their family has a history of card reading, and Cochrane said getting back into it is one of the reasons the pair came to the event.

“One (psychic) actually, when I was leaving, said — you watch your left leg. There’s something wrong. And a week to the day I broke my leg,” said Cochrane.

Cochrane and her sister, Shelley Thomas, say getting answers to life’s burning questions help them get through the stresses of life.

“They just give you the confirmation that you’re going to be happy. You can walk away feeling good,” said Thomas.

Sisters Shelley Thomas (left) and Debbie Cochrane (right) say getting answers to life’s burning questions helps them deal with the stresses of life. (Joanne Roberts, CityNews)