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Family arcade place to open in Eagle Ridge

PHOTO. After living in the community for eight years, family man, Jagjit Dhillon decided to open up his own arcade and indoor playground. Melanie Walsh. REPORTER.

A second business will be opening up in The Commons in Eagle Ridge, right next to Landmark Cinemas.

Jagit Dhillion, owner of Jolly Jay, decided to start his own business, an arcade and indoor playground, to give families the perfect place to celebrate any occasion.

“We’ve been living in the community for the past eight years and we’ve been finding nothing like an arcade to go as a family and play together and have family bonding and time with the kids,” said Dhillion. 

With more than 45 games or stations to play, the playground, concession and area to host birthday parties, Dhillion says there will be fun for everyone.

 “A lot of games are team building, kids could play with parents or friends.” 

It’s expected to open by the end of January 2019.