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Housing market cools as temperatures dip

IMAGE. Supplied by Fort McMurray REALTORS®.

As seasons change, Fort McMurray’s real estate market continues to cool.

Fort McMurray Realtors® reported sales of single-family detached homes in September took a slight dip of 7.55 per cent from 2018 figures.

The average sale price also fell by 6.1 per cent to $549,828 from last year’s figures.

However, that price is still almost nine per cent higher than the average sale price in August.

Meanwhile, the real estate market was vibrant in other areas.

Sales increased for duplexes, townhomes, apartment condominiums, and mobile homes.


Duplex sales increased by 40 per cent in the month of September.

However, active listings tumbled by just over 27 per cent, and the average sale price fell 17.6 per cent to $380,286.

Fort McMurray Realtors® noted a 20 per cent jump in townhouse sales.

New listings fell more than 31 per cent along with active listings by almost six per cent.

$249,333 is the average sale price for townhomes in Fort McMurray, a drop of nearly 10 per cent compared to a year ago.

Apartment condo sales continue to stay as vibrant as fall colours.

Realtors® marked a 200 per cent jump in sales with new and active listings climbing at least 47 per cent and nearly 28 per cent respectively.

The average sale price decreased by almost 14 per cent to $116,143.

This is quite a change from the average price in August, which Fort McMurray Realtors® listed at $164,154.

Finally, mobile sales remained consistent.

New listings increased above 26 per cent with an almost nine per cent increase in active listings.

Realtors® sold mobile homes at an average sale price of $225,578, more than 19 per cent lower than in 2018.

Currently, the region has 630 active listings in the real estate market.