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RMWB presents positive flood update

PHOTO. The Athabasca River breaking up on April 26, 2020. MYMCMURRAY/Melanie Walsh

The Municipality presented a positive outlook in its flooding update.

Joining Mayor Don Scott on the call was Alberta’s Environment Minister Jason Nixon.

Nixon said water levels along the Athabasca and Clearwater rivers are down.

Nixon added despite fluctuations from ice melt, the province expects no additional flooding in Fort McMurray.

The RMWB Emergency Coordination Centre will keep an eye on the Clearwater River.

It is still five to eight kilometres in length further upstream.

Another jam in the same area could lead to more flooding of the Lower Townsite.

The ice jam on the Athabasca River did recede from 25 kilometres to 13 kilometres.

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Nixon said the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre could see some services resume by the weekend.

On the subject of re-entry, Mayor Don Scott said the Municipality has a staged plan.

The RMWB and province are still in the flood response phase.

The risk to residents remains high due to possible flooding, compromised infrastructure, and debris.

Priority to re-open business goes to food and supplies before residents may return to their homes.

Scott Davis, Regional Director of Emergency Management said evacuees should hold onto their receipts.

He said the Canadian Red Cross would handle relief claims

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The Red Cross encouraged all evacuees who don’t require immediate assistance to wait a few days.

Evacuees that didn’t register with the RMWB may still do so at the Casman Centre.

Canada Post will hold all mail at a safe location until a backup plan is in place.