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Mayor Scott calls on federal government to support Energy Industry

PHOTO. Mayor Don Scott, from 2018. MYMCMURRAY/Melanie Walsh.

Mayor Don Scott introduced a motion for the RMWB to advocate the federal government in support of the energy Industry.

Introduced on Oct. 13, he submitted the motion titled “Energy Industry Advocacy” for Council’s consideration on Oct. 27.

‘We have been left out for far too long, and we need a lot of support from both levels of government. Our energy industry is critical to Canada, and the success of Canada going forward.”

His motion stated the energy industry as the region’s primary economic driver.

It also states the industry employs thousands of residents and contractors in the RMWB, First Nations and M├ętis communities, and beyond.

Mayor Scott added the industry procures significant goods and services, which leads to investments across Canada, and is key to the country’s prosperity.

“Therefore be it resolved that the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo advocate to the Government of Canada to formally recognize the importance of this significantly challenged industry by supporting the Wood Buffalo region and its companies by refraining from increasing regulatory burdens amidst an already challenging environment, and supporting carbon emissions-reducing technology.”

RMWB Council voted unanimously in favour of the motion.

Mayor Don Scott said Syncrude and Suncor assisted with the language of the motion.

“Alberta has supported the rest of Canada; it’s time for the rest of Canada to support Alberta, and one way they can do that is [by] supporting our energy industry.”

RMWB Council also looked at discounts for parking fines paid within seven days in the RMWB.