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Council approves funding for non-profits tackling homelessness

Image supplied the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Housing programs across Wood Buffalo will receive much needed support from the RMWB.

At its Feb. 28 meeting, RMWB Council approved nearly $5.3-million for local social profits to support homelessness initiatives.

The funds, which will go to The Centre of Hope, Salvation Army, Wood Buffalo Wellness Society and YMCA of Northern Alberta, come from the 2023-2024 Community Plan on Homelessness Grant.

Grant applications are reviewed by the Homelessness Initiatives Strategic Committee (HISC).

Members include representatives from Indigenous communities, the United Way, Wood Buffalo Housing, and Alberta Health Services.

HISC examines whether proposals meet funding criteria and then make recommendations to Council.

  1. Centre of Hope
    1. Eviction Prevention Program: $106,426
    2. Housing First Program: $784,937
    3. Permanent Supportive Housing: $925,817
  2. Salvation Army
    1. Diversion Program: $145,470
    2. Housing First Program: $562,640
  3. Wood Buffalo Wellness Society
    1. Centralized Intake Program: $302,007
    2. Housing First Program: $445,010
    3. Outreach Program: $119,923
    4. Rapid Re-Housing Program: $452,490
    5. Permanent Supportive Housing – Tawâw: $696,347
  4. YMCA of Northern Alberta
    1. Housing First Program: $726,660


The HISC approved a total of $5,267,728 in government funding for homelessness initiatives.

Northside Twin Arena

The old 2016 arena proposal for Abraham’s Landing will get a second look.

RMWB Council approved a motion calling for Administration to review the Northside Twin Arena project.

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During the meeting, CAO Paul Thorkelsson said, given the rising cost of living and inflation, the cost for the project is estimated to be at least $35-million.

Administration will return to Council with a report, including construction and operating costs, at a later date.