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Council to revisit 2016 Northside Twin Arena proposal

A 2015 design rendering of the proposed Northside Twin Arena. The matter will be re-introduced to RMWB Council on Feb. 28, 2023. MYMCMURRAY/File Photo.

RMWB Council will revisit Abraham’s Landing, which was the site for the proposed Northside Twin Arena.

At its Feb. 28 meeting, Councillor Ken Ball is expected to present a motion asking Administration to conduct a review on the 2016 proposal, including construction, land, and operating costs.

In a statement, the Municipality said there are four ice surfaces available in Fort McMurray.

“Studies have shown that Fort McMurray is short a minimum of two ice surfaces to properly service a community of our size. Many organizations are currently restricted on how many participants can register due to ice shortage and as a result, some potential users are being turned away.”

If the motion is approved, Administration would come back to Council at a later date with a report including the following:

  • Analysis of total cost of ownership (capital/construction costs, costs related to land, and operating costs)
  • Analysis of the approved 2023 Capital Budget that includes projects that would need to be moved to future years to accommodate a project of this nature.
  • A capital budget amendment should Council wish to consider adjusting the approved 2023 Capital Budget to include this project.


First presented to RMWB Council in 2015, the project was further hampered by cancellations, cuts, and deferrals.

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The Feb. 28 council meeting begins at 6 p.m.