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Movie Trailers

April 20, 2018 to April 26, 2018

Landmark 6, 10015 Manning Ave. PH:791-6610

Super Troopers 2 (14A)

99 min

2D: 12:00p / 3:00p / 6:15p / 9:15p

I Feel Pretty (PG)

108 min

2D: 12:45p / 4:00p / 6:55p / 9:30p

Rampage (14A)

108 min

3D: 12:30p / 9:45p

2D: 3:15p / 6:45p

Indian Horse (PG)

101 min

2D: 4:00p / 6:30p

Isle of Dogs (PG)

101 min

2D: 1:00p / 9:00p

Blockers (14A)

102 min

2D: 12:15p / 3:45p / 7:00p / 10:00p

A Quiet Place (14A)

90 min

2D: 1:15p / 4:15p / 7:15p / 10:00p